How to Proceed - with Joyce Carol OatesIllustrasjon: Julius Vidarssønn Langhoff.

9. september 2020

How to Proceed – with Joyce Carol Oates

A new episode in our podcast with Linn Ullmann

In this episode, Linn Ullmann talks to the American author Joyce Carol Oates about memories and loss, about «bearing witness» through literature, about her mother and grandmother, about the US today, about writing, failure – and boxing.

Music by Kingocito and Sandra Kolstad. Artwork by Julius Vidarssønn Langhoff.

This episode was made possible in collaboration with Louisiana Literature in Denmark and the International Writer’s Stage in Stockholm, Sweden.

Listen to the episode here:

You can read more about Joyce Carol Oates and her publications here, and more about Linn Ullmann and her publications here.

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