How to Proceed - with Moez Surani

14. desember 2020

How to Proceed – with Moez Surani

Our guest in this episode is the Canadian poet Moez Surani. He talks about the violence of language, about identity, and the distance between where we are and where we belong. And about happiness.

Talking to Surani is the award-winning Norwegian writer Eivind Hofstad Evjemo, one of three guest interviewers as Linn Ullmann takes some time off to finish her novel. You can read more about Evjemo and our two other guest interviewers here.

Music by Kingocito and Sandra Kolstad. Artwork by Julius Vidarssønn Langhoff.

Listen to the episode here:

Also check out our bonus episode, with three poetry readings by Moez Surani:

You can read more about Moez Surani here, and about Eivind Hofstad Evjemo here.


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ةيلمع Operación Opération Operation Oперация

– “Happiness”

– “Every Day I Was In Love (Even Though I Didn’t Say So)

– “Near/Far”

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– “Days”

Arundhati Roy

Simon Sebag Montefiore, The Court of the Red Tsar

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Raymond Carver, Late Fragment

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