How to Proceed - with Anne CarsonIllustration: Julius Vidarssønn Langhoff

28. mai 2021

How to Proceed – with Anne Carson

A new episode in our podcast with Linn Ullmann

For the first time in the How to Proceed podcast, we have not only one guest, but two! Namely poet and classicist Anne Carson and her partner and collaborator, Robert Currie. Together, they talk to guest moderator John Freeman about translating words into other forms, about love, about the color red – and green, and about the strangeness of working in a new landscape.

Listen to the episode here:

Also, make sure you listen to Carson’s bonus reading of her poem “We Need To Talk”:

You can read more about Anne Carson and her publications here, and about John Freeman and his publications here.

Want more? In this episode, Carson, Currie and Freeman talk about:

Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red
– Glass, Irony and God
– Men in the Off Hours
– The Albertine Workout
– Norma Jean Baker of Troy
– Nox
– Float

The Islandic Sagas

Walter Kempowski, All for Nothing, trans. by Anthea Bell, introduction by Jenny Erpenbeck

David Lodge, Small World

Snorre Sturlason, The Prose Edda

Kjartan Sveinsson

James Merry

Ben Whishaw


Gertrude Stein

Rashaun Mitchell

Ragnar Kjartansson

Sigurd Rós

Sapho, If Not, Winter, trans. by Anne Carson


Margaret Atwood

Mike Kelley

Rachel Cusk

Emmanuel Carrere

Dimitris Papaioannou