How to Proceed - EpilogueIllustration: Julius VIdarssønn Langhoff

5. juli 2021

How to Proceed – Epilogue

Our very last episode in our podcast with Linn Ullmann

In this final bonus episode, or epilogue, of How to Proceed, Linn Ullmann talks about how the idea for this podcast started, and her thoughts one year later. Emmanuel Carrere’s final question to the readers, “Are you happy? And do you think it is important to be happy?”, made Ullmann think of one of her favorite poems, Having it Out with Melancholy by Jane Kenyon. Together with the other interviewers this season, she gives you a reading of this poem, as a final tribute to our wonderful listeners, to the silent pandemics in our lives, the melancholy that sometimes fills our hopes and floating moments, but also the hope and solitude, the glimpses of happiness and comfort, the beating heart of the bird.

Listen to the epilogue here:

Having It Out with Melancholy” can be found in The Best Poems of Jane Kenyon, copyright © 2020 and in Collected Poems by Jane Kenyon, copyright © 2005 by The Estate of Jane Kenyon. Used with the permission of Graywolf Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota,