Human Rights Human Wrongs - Seminar

fredag 10. februar 2012, kl. 09:30

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: Human Rights Human Wrongs

Inngang: Gratis

The power of documentaries

Documentaries are a tool for change. This day we will meet both Norwegian and international filmmakers who will talk about how they use film to create an impact.

This event is organised in partnership with Filmforbundet and The British Council.

Jawed Taiman – he was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan finished his higher education in england. Addicted in Afghanistan was his first documentary. This documentary claimed four awards including best director at Singapore Asian film festival for 1st film. Jawed is currently working on his new film called Voice of a Nation / My journey through Afghanistan.

Rob Lemkin – He is the founder and director of Old Street Films. His most recent film is Enemies of the People, a feature length documentary, which received worldwide nacclaim in 2010 and won over 20 international prizes including Grand Jury Prize at One World and Special Jury Prize at Sundance. He and his collaborator Thet Sambath are currently working on a follow-up film on the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Margreth Olin – Margreth Olin started out as a documentary filmmaker with I kjærleikens hus in 1995. In 1998 she received several awards, among them Amanda, for Dei mjuke hendene. Her final break through was in 2002 with Kroppen min, awarded with Amanda, Gullstolen and several awards abroad. Olin received the Norwegian highest film award Aamot-statuetten in 2001. In 2010 she received Liv ullmanns ærespris.

Thomas Østbye – He is both a film-maker and artist working with installation and photography. With his Diploma in Film editing from The Norwegian Film School in 2004 it has led to both editing and teaching jobs. Imagining emanuel (2011) is his latest film that had its international premiere at Hotdocs. Thomas also received The Golden Chair for Best Norwegian Shortfilm and The Golden Key at Kassel DokFest in 2009 for his documentary Human (2009).

Ruaridh Arrow is the director and producer of How to Start a Revolution. This is his first feature film. He has been a producer to Sky News and to Channel 4’s Dispatches programme. He has also produced programmes for BBC News, More4 News and The Financial Times. While filming in Cairo he reported for the BBC from Tahrir Square.

Sverre Pedersen, President of Norwegian Film Makers Association.
Sverre Pedersen has worked in the film- and television industry since 1984. He has made a large number of socially committed documentaries with a focus on international solidarity, nature and culture, cultural heritage, anti-war and anti-racism.

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