The Evolution of “Why?”


Foredrag ved Daniel C. Dennett

fredag 23. oktober 2009, kl. 18:00

Sal: Wergeland

Arrangør: CEES, Biologisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo

Inngang: Gratis

Daniel C. Dennet er en meget innflytelsesrik vitenskapsfilosof. Han har skrevet en rekke bestselgende bøker, blant dem Darwin’s dangerous idea, Consciousness Explained og Breaking the Spell. Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.


We human beings are the only living things that can represent, transmit and criticize reasons for doing things and making things. This creates a perspective for us that we can then use to interpret all the rest of the life on the planet, cautiously. Mother Nature’s reasons are not just like our reasons. It is our evolved capacity to ask, and answer, Why-questions that gives us, in the end, the kinds of free will worth wanting, the kinds that no other animal has.

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