War and Peace in the 21st Century


Foredrag ved Tariq Ali

lørdag 7. juni 2008, kl. 12:00

Sal: Wergeland

Inngang: Gratis

Tariq Ali (b. 1943) is a world-famed historian, author, film maker and political activist. He has been engaged in international debate since the Vietnam war. His fiction includes a series of historical novels about Islam. His non-fiction includes The Clash of Fundamentalisms (2002), Conversations with Edward Said, Rough Music: Blair, Bombs, Baghdad, London, Terror and Speaking of Empire and Resistance (all from 2005). Ali is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio and contributes articles and journalism to magazines and newspapers including The Guardian, the London Review of Books and the New Left Review.

Foredraget er en del av det åpne publikumsprogrammet i forbindelse med konferansen Poet and Activist på Litteraturhuset 5. og 6. juni. Les mer om konferansen her: www.litteraturhuset.no/wergeland.

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