Tre dager med Édouard Louis 5Foto: Nina Subin (Mengiste), Fin Serck-Hanssen (Louis), Toni Härkönen (Oksanen), Robert Taylor (Hollinghurtst), Einar Falur Ingólfsson (Carson) og Patrice Normand (Eribon).

13. October 2022

Three days of conversations, lectures and events from Édouard Louis’s writing

Anne Carson, Sofi Oksanen, Alan Hollinghurst and Louis himself are among the guests when the House of Literature hosts a three day program dedicated to themes such as power and violence, loss and grief, homophobia and liberation

– I am beyond honored and moved that the Literaturehuset of Oslo is organizing this symposium. It’s hard to believe that all those great writers and creators that I admire so much have accepted to be part of it, and it’s even harder to not convince myself that it is more than I deserve. So here I will be, with, under my skin, a mix of joy, and intimidation, says Édouard Louis.

French Édouard Louis has already cemented his central position not only in French literature, but also far beyond the borders of the country, as he turns 30 this fall. Inspired by writers such as Annie Ernaux and Pierre Bourdieu, he has written unapologetically about his own life and family, about class issues, violence, homophobia and liberation.

This year, Luis has three books coming out in Norwegian translation: A Woman’s Battles and Transformation, Conversation about art and politics and Change: Method. 

– It is a true star team of international writers that are coming to Oslo to explore themes such as class issues, power, violence, homosexuality, grief and love through conversations, lectures and artistic performance. This is something we have worked on for a long time, and I am thrilled that we finally can offer this star-studded program to the audience, says Susanne Kaluza, CEO of the House of Literature Foundation.

Among the international guests are Anne Carson, Sofi Oksanen, Maaza Mengiste, Didier Eribon, Alan Hollinghurst andKristofer Folkhammar, while Sandra Kolstad, Ane Farsethås, Andreas Delsett andLinn Ullmann are Norwegian participants.

See the full program here.

– We are so looking forward to listening to these bright voices, and we hope the audience will both gain new perspectives on Louis’s writing and discover new writers throughout this weekend, says acting head of program Åshild Lappegård Lahn, artistic leader ofthe project.

Norway were among the first countries to translate Louis’s books, and he has in turn inspired a number of young, Norwegian writers.

–  Most of all, I am very looking forward to continue the beautiful companionship with the Literaturehuset, which has become, in the last couple of year, a central place for my research and my writing : here, I presented the first draft of who killed my father, here, I had the chance to talk deeply about my admiration for other writers, such as Toni Morrison, and here, I felt more welcome that anywhere else in the world. This place has become a shelter for me, and a space for experimentation, says Édouard Louis.

The program begins Friday whenr Louis gives an original lecture entitled «A Manifesto for the Working Class» before meeting writer Andreas Delsett for a conversation about oppression.

Sofi Oksanen and Édouard Louis will talk about writing, politics and power with Ane Farsethås Friday, while Louis and Alan Hollinghurst will meet for a conversation with Swedish writer Kristofer Folkhammar about gay literature on Saturday.

The writers Maaza Mengiste, Didier Eribon and Alan Hollinghurst will give us their readings of different parts of Louis’s writing, and through the lectures also give us new insights into their own writing.

The program culminates on Sunday with a performance with new text by Édouard Louis, text by Anne Carson and music by Sandra Kolstad. The focus of the performance is grief and losing someone close to you. After the performance, Louis and Carson will meet for a Q&A on stage lead by writer Linn Ullmann.