Grenseløs litteratur

Beyond Borders

A Network of Literature Houses

Together with Kıraathane Istanbul Literature House, Literarische Colloquium Berlin and the Wêjegeh Amed, the House of Literature will be part of the residency exchange programme “Beyond Borders: A Network of Literature Houses”. The project aims to increase international collaboration at a time when literature houses across the world face numerous challenges in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The literature houses in Oslo and Berlin served as the model for the establishment of Kiraathane in Istanbul, which in turn has gone on to inspire the Wêjegeh Amed, the Amed/Diyarbakır Literature House. With the Beyond Borders project, we want to build on these connections and to learn from and inspire each other.

Literary program beyond borders

The project aims to promote literature, writers and debate from each country and language to a wider audience. Each literature house will make digital events available to an international audience and host writers from the other countries for residencies..

Together, the four literature houses will also create a joint publication of literary texts in translation, provisionally titled Beyond the House, and featuring the writers including Kathrine Nedrejord, Simon Stranger, Eyşana Beravî, Sîdar Jîr, Ayhan Geçgin, Dagmara Kraus and Ebru Ojen. The book will explore the idea of the house and home, as a place of security and belonging, comfort and refuge, and the house as a place of containment, of limiting and exclusionary space – a place of peace or a place of chaos and violence.