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Do You Want to Organise an Event?

A seminar, lecture or debate? The House of Literature wishes to be a facilitator so that as many organisations and people as possible can hold their own meetings, conversations and cultural events at the premises.

We receive many requests, so please contact us well ahead of time for bookings.

What we offer

The House of Literature rents out venues in different sizes at reasonable rates. We offer general advice and instruction regarding how to plan and run events and meetings in the best possible way. We also provide the option of sharing information about your event with our large audience. External organizers are responsible for the content and execution of their own events.

Technical Equipment and Staff

The House of Literature can offer skilled technicians and event hosts that are familiar with the House. They can contribute to making sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. The House of Literature’s own hosts may also be booked for ticket sales and audience management.

All events in our biggest venue, Wergeland, and all weekend events with substantial technical requirements must use one of the House’s internal technicians. This also applies for the other venues in some cases, for instance if you wish to use wireless microphones.

The House of Literature can provide streaming of events, as well as audio and video recording. A complete list of technical equipment and prices is issued upon request.

Food and Beverages at Events

Food and drink must be provided by the House’s café and restaurant, Kafe Oslo. White tablecloths and candles can be requested from the café, and they can assist with most of your needs.

Read more about Kafe Oslo

Book Sales

All book sales connected to events must be done via the bookshop. Contact Norli Litteraturhuset for questions regarding book sales.

Read more about the bookshop

Venues and prices

Følgende priser gjelder fra 1.1.2024


max 0 pers.


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max 14 pers.

500kr/h - maximum price 3000 ,-

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Vestly 1

Vestly podcast room

max 4 pers.

800 NOK for the first hour. Proceeding hours is 500 NOK per hour.,-

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max 40 pers.

2800,- / 4200,-

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max 100 pers.

6000,- / 8500,-

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Nedjma 1


max 90 pers.

6500,- / 9000,-

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Skram 2


max 120 pers.

7000,- / 10200,-

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max 200 pers.

10000,- / 16200,-

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25% VAT is added to the price for all organizations and businesses required to pay VAT. The price list is adjusted by January 1st every year.