How do I rent a venue at Litteraturhuset? All inquiries about reservations and bookings are done via e-mail: utleie[at]litteraturhuset.no. Be sure to book well in advance and specify the desired date/period in the subject line of the e-mail. We are also happy to offer general advice and guidance on how to set up for, execute and arrange events over the phone at +47 22 95 55 30, where you can also get a status on capacity further ahead. Reservations and booking confirmations can only be made in writing.

How much does it cost to rent a venue at Litteraturhuset? The price will depend on which venue is booked, the type of event, as well as technical equipment and assistance needed. We have a fixed low price on a two-tiered level: Membership meetings, courses and workshops are examples of events that fall under the standard price. Events with themes within Litteraturhuset’s broad scope (literature, politics, social issues) can qualify for a discounted rental price as long as they are open to the public. Get in touch for more information if you have any questions about whether your event falls under the standard rental price or the discounted rental price.

Is Litteraturhuset interested in paying for performances and concerts that can be shown in the building? Litteraturhuset’s goal is to allow for as many people as possible to be able to hold meetings, seminars, debates and cultural productions privately and on equal financial terms. For this reason, we don’t pay for productions, but welcome organizers to rent our space and set up such productions on their own.

For how long do we have access to the venue we’re renting? Up to eight hours per day.

Do we need microphones for the event? For open and public events, and if forty or more people are expected in the hall, we recommend using microphones.

Do we need a technician? Events with simple technical needs can easily be executed without hiring a technician. However, all events in our largest venue (Wergeland), require the prescence of one of Litteraturhuset’s technicians. The same applies in other rooms as well when choosing services such as large audio packages, online streaming, wireless microphones and equipment, as well as monitors. By hiring a technician, you ensure a solid technical execution. Unless otherwise specified, technicians invoice the organizers directly. If you have any questions, check with our technical manager well in advance to ensure the best possible execution of the event!

What are the differences in the audio packages? Since the need for technical equipment varies depending on the event, we operate with three tiers of audio packages in most rooms: a basic audio package, a small audio package, and a large audio package. The basic package simply contains a wired microphone, a projector with a canvas and PC audio. The small package contains up to four wired microphones. If you need more microphones, you will have to upgrade to the large package, which also contains some wireless equipment (headsets and/or handheld wireless microphones). Various additional equipment and services may be rented (depending on availability) if a package doesn’t meet all your needs.

Can we switch venues or change a booking? Yes, changing a booking is not a problem at all if there are vacancies in another room. If the room you have rented is too small for your needs, you may also rent an extra room and broadcast the program on the main stage to a large screen in the other room. Another alternative is to stream the event online, making it accessible to an even larger audience than those who came to Litteraturhuset.

Can Litteraturhuset store equipment before and after the event? Litteraturhuset’s premises are frequently rented out, and there is limited storage capacity in the building. We therefore recommend that organizers bring their equipment directly to the event and take it with them again when the event is over.

Can we stream the event? Yes, we offer online streaming of events. This means that the event will be available online (live or post-event), making it available to an even larger audience than those who come to Litteraturhuset. If you want to stream your event, you need to book this service along with a technician and will also require the availability of the necessary technical equipment.

Can we see the venue in advance? Yes, it is possible to visit us to take a look, but since there are often events going on in the building’s various venues, we recommend you get in touch beforehand and check that the venue(s) you want to see are vacant at that time.

What happens on the day of the event? The venue will be fully rigged with the necessary technical needs and layout based on the booking and agreed-upon times. In the venue you have rented, you will be met by a host or technician who will help you settle in. Organizers are responsible for their own events and must be present during the event.

Should the need for practical assistance arise – for example with admissions and audience management or other practical things during the event – you can hire a separate event host in advance.

What is the deadline for cancellation? We require a written notice of cancellation no later than 14 days prior to the start of the event. After this deadline, you will be billed for the full price of the rental, as well as any potential cancellation fees for technicians.

How can we organize ticket sales? Organizers are free to choose the ticket supplier or ticket sales method of their choice for the event. Litteraturhuset has chosen TicketCo as our ticket sales solution. If you want to sell tickets to your event, you can sign your own agreement with TicketCo and will receive a payment terminal from iZettle included in the agreement. You can then create a pre-sale online and link to ticket sales across all desired channels. If you already have an Apple device (iPhone/iPad), you have everything you need to be able to sell and validate tickets at the door on the day of the event. All equipment for sales at the door (including a ticket printer and iPad) is also available on request from Litteraturhuset. Get more information here.

Can we provide our own food and drink? No, our in-house restaurant Kafe Oslo has the only rights to serve food/drink in the building. It is of course possible for your audience to purchase drinks at the bar and bring them into the rented venues. Kafe Oslo also has an extensive events menu that may be ordered and adapted for various allergies upon request. Contact them for menus and prices. They can also supply tablecloths and simple table settings for dinner parties on the premises, and they have a portable bar that can be booked with staff in a rented venue. For more information, contact them directly: phone 21 54 85 71 or e-mail mail[at]kafeoslo.no.

How do book sales work? The in-house bookstore Tanum Litteraturhuset has all rights to book sales, and pre-orders relevant books and sells them at the store on the ground floor. Please contact the bookstore directly if you’d like to set up book sales in connection with your event, by phone at 23 69 10 80 or e-mail litteraturhuset[at]tanum.no.

How do people find their way to the event? You will find information inside the main entrance with times and rooms for all events taking place that day. This information can also be found in the stairwell. If the event starts before the cafe’s opening hours and the main entrance is closed, the audience can use the side entrance. We post information with maps on the front door.

Is Litteraturhuset universally accessible? Litteraturhuset’s side entrance is accessible for wheelchair users. From the ground floor, there is an elevator to other floors of the building and accessibility to all event rooms. See more information on accessibility here.

How do you get to Litteraturhuset? The street address is Wergelandsveien 29, on the corner by Slottsparken. The nearest T-bane and train stop is Nationaltheatret Station. Via tram 11 or bus 21, you can get off at the Homansbyen stop, or you can take tram 17 or 18 to Holbergs plass.

If you’re arriving in Oslo by plane, you can take the Flytoget train directly to Nationaltheatret. Exit towards Henrik Ibsens vei/Drammensveien and follow Parkveien to the roundabout, where Litteraturhuset will be on the right.

Does Litteraturhuset have parking spaces that can be used for events? Litteraturhuset does not have any available parking spaces, but there is a parking lot at the intersection of Wergelandsveien/Parkveien. There are some public spots for disabled people at the end of Uranienborgveien towards Parkveien.

If delivering equipment/materials for events, you can temporarily (max. 15 minutes) park at the front of the building for delivery.

Does Litteraturhuset have bike parking? There is a bike rack at the side entrance of the building and one at the back. The nearest Bysykkel (city bike) racks are at Parkveien – Outside Katedralen pub and Uranienborgveien (west of Slottsparken/The Palace Park).

Can you take strollers into the building? Children and families with children are most welcome at Litteraturhuset, but due to fire regulations, strollers are not permitted inside. Strollers can be parked at the side entrance on the right side of the building, but must not block the wheelchair accessible entrance.

How do you get in touch with Kafe Oslo? Phone: 21 54 85 71, e-mail: post[at]kafeoslo.no

Where are the Restrooms? Restrooms are located in the building’s basement. The HC-restroom can be found just outside our main venue, Wergeland.

How do you pronounce “Nedjma”? “Nedjma” is pronounced “Nedschma”, and means “star” in Arabic. It’s also the title of the book and the name of the protagonist in Kateb Yacine’s 1956 novel, which is central to the post-colonial literary tradition – and one of the venues available for rent at Litteraturhuset.