Terms and Conditions

A standard or an open event?

The House of Literature operates with a two-step pricing system. In addition to our standard rent fee, some events that are open to the general public qualify for a reduced rate. To be considered as an open event, the subject must be within The House of Literature’s area of interests (literature, politics and societal issues) and targeted to a general public audience (and not a specific profession or an invited crowd) and must be available for the public in the online event calendar on our website.

Not sure which price applies to your event? Please contact the administration at utleie[at]litteraturhuset.no

Included in the booking

The booking period of the venue in question covers technical rehearsals, practical preparations and the event itself for up to 8 hours. Events can begin no earlier than 8 am on weekdays, 10 am on Saturdays, and 12 am on Sundays. The premises must be vacated by 6 pm on Sundays.

The booking rate includes tables and chairs, as well as the setup and cleaning of the House’s tables, chairs and equipment. Technical equipment and, if necessary, the hire of a technician is not included in the rental price (see technical equipment in the different venues). Any changes in the setup of the venue must be specified no later than 3 days before the event, while any rearrangement during the rental period must be arranged no later than 2 weeks before and requires the hire of one of our event hosts.

The booking price also includes promotion of the event on The House of Literature’s website, in our quarterly catalog and in our weekly newsletter.

Organizer’s own material and equipment

The House of Literature does not store any material or equipment to be used during an event, except by special appointment. The organizer is responsible for all material and equipment brought to the premises.

Technical equipment and staff

The hire of a technician through The House of Literature must be specified no later than 2 weeks prior to the event, while needs of technical equipment must be specified 1 week before at the latest.

Events on weekends with extensive technical requirements, as well as all events in the venue Wergeland, requires hiring a technician through The House of Literature. The technician bills the organizer directly unless otherwise agreed. For events without a hired technician, there will rarely be any technically skilled staff present. We also provide event hosts that can assist you with practical tasks during the rental period. The hire has a fixed price, and includes a host for up to 4 hours. Work beyond this can be agreed upon.


For cancellations 4 weeks/28 days prior to the booking, you will be charged 50% of your booking’s rental price. For cancellations from 14 days prior to the booking, you will be charged the full amount, in addition to a fee of NOK 800 ex VAT in the case of a booked technician, for loss of earnings (with less than 36 hours before the event, this rate is NOK 2000 ex VAT).