Litteraturhusets beboereArtist: Lars Fiske

The Writers’ Loft

Do you need somewhere to write?

Litteraturhuset’s goal is to spread literature in a broad sense and to contribute to more freedom of expression and a knowledge-based public conversation. The top floor of the building is therefore dedicated to those who write and translate fiction and non-fiction or who work with the written word in some way or another. Here, writers can get access to a practical workplace, a community of colleagues and a network of others they can learn from.

The Writers’ Loft is on the top floor of Litteraturhuset and houses 39 writing areas in an open landscape. The writing places are flexible and work on a “first come first serve” basis. The floor has its own wireless network and printer, as well as a common area with sofas, a dining table and chairs, kitchen nook and bathrooms. Those who have access on a six-month basis or more can apply for a locker in the area.

Users have access from 6 am – 2 am, 365 days a year. Admittance to the Writers’ Loft is personal and the card cannot be shared with others.

From December 1st, 2019, those who wish to use the Writers’ Loft must pay a low monthly fee. Anyone who works with literature-related projects can apply for a spot in the Writers’ Loft. Members of the building’s writers’ organizations and authors with publishing agreements will be prioritized. The application must be justified and contain personal information as well as a description of the work/project. Find the application form at the top of the page.


Place of Honor

One of our objectives is to have a good mix of writers of different ages, genders and backgrounds, and who are at different places in their careers. We therefore also offer three free spots in the Writers’ Loft. These are also flexible spots that will be awarded for one calendar year at a time. The awarding of the Places of Honor will consider the project, production and economic need, in addition to striving for diversity.

Recipients will be required to contribute to Litteraturhuset’s program during the year. This can be through a lecture, a school visit, a panel conversation or something else, depending on the recipient.

The Places of Honor will be awarded for one calendar year at a time (from January 1, 2020). Applications are accepted from December 1-15, and the places will be announced before Christmas. Find the application form at the top of the page in the application period.


Prices from December 1, 2019

Standard price, minimum 2 months: 750,- per month

Rental of space for 6 months or more: 550,- per month

Rental of space for 6 months and member of one of the House’s writers’ organizations*: 450,- per month


All prices exclude VAT.

* Norske Barne- og ungdomsforfattere, Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening, Den norske Forfatterforening, Dramatikerforbundet, Oversetterforeningen, Kritikerlaget and Norsk Forfattersentrum. The offer also applies to resident writers.


Writer’s offices and carrels

In addition to the 39 open writing spaces, there are also 6 carrels and 5 offices in the Writers’ Loft. The carrels and offices are arranged by the following organizations:

Norske Barne- og ungdomsforfattere (NBU)

Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening (NFFO)

Den norske Forfatterforening (DnF)




Members can apply for these spaces directly with their respective organization(s).